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We strive to curate a senior VP+ speaker faculty, however we have also seen in conjunction the rise of VP+ titles in attendance. This presents an opportunity and challenge all in one to meet the goals of these leaders. We continuously hear, "I do not attend conferences, particularly when I think I could google the new topical areas or allocate the work to direct reports". This, however, does not mean that seniority does not come with their own challenges that a conference can solve.

We strive to offer events with specific content to cater to our leaders.

1. A Truly VP + Environment While we understand the hierarchy of every organization is different, the strategic conversations at the senior level of VP or C-Suite differ. Responsibilities become less native design and more organizational design. Understanding trends and market movements are essential. Learning from others in the same boat becomes essential. This environment plays to the theme “It’s lonely at the top” –let’s start to change that.

2. Conversational in Nature While still presenting cases and tools to begin the conversation, we understand the debate and discussion leads to more insight. The event is structured to build off the knowledge of each audience member and their own experiences, expertise, and work.

3. Innovation to its Fullest. While Success Stories and tool kit demos are valuable, the purpose of our events is to challenge current thinking, bring new ideas to the table, and insight discussion. Topics are built to bring forward some of our largest challenges, greatest innovations, and unique conversations you cannot achieve in another forum.

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