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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We've heard it said, "It's not a numbers game - quality trumps quantity", but we also understand that reaching out to many people has its own share of benefits as you don't know what might become quality. So the question is, "Where should we focus?"

In one of our recent events, Cody Raphael of VHT mentioned a book entitled, "Authentic Selling: How to Use Principles of Sales in Everyday Life" by Jeff Kirchick. The discussion in this book revolves around the idea that each interaction is a meaningful connection. It seems to shift the focus from simply numbers or assessing quality to a combination where the idea is to treat each interaction as quality.

Should we continue keeping track of the number of people we reach out to in our industry as we implement this idea of treating each interaction as quality? Or should we stop focusing on the numbers since we are treating each interaction as quality?

- Cristin Creel

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