Virtual Team Meeting

Connecting Powerful Stories to Powerful Platforms

The world of networking has transformed. Accompanied with many challenges of virtual networking comes an immense opportunity for inclusion and accessibility. MWhite Brands made it their mission to perfect the premium

virtual experience.

Powered by the belief that all successful business development starts

with genuine connection between problem and solution, MWhite Brands works to meet the unique and ever changing brand, networking, and business development needs through meaningful networking in today's



The difference

An Extension of Your Business

We aren't doing anything that you couldn't do yourself if you had one crucial element...the time. We take a no-nonsense approach to what needs to get done, reinventing the wheel only when necessary and driving results through industry best practices. We work to build an events and networking strategy specific to the needs of your business, offering expertise to expedite the process. 

Virtual is our Passion, Not our Placeholder

We believe in the impact and power of virtual experiences. We are not putting something together as a placeholder for in-person programs. We believe virtual gives a level of accessibility, inclusivity, and time efficiency you can never achieve with in-person.

Expert Facilitation & Attendee Curation

We curate a specific theme and oftentimes turn away more attendees than we accept to make all parties gain value from the meeting. Our curation is completed by the expert event facilitator, not entry level sales people, after extensive research, vetting for mutual value, and commitment on attendance of all multiple dates (if necessary). Our network is our value--so we take everyone's time incredibly seriously.


Who do we work for


The Individual

Join our newsletter to see upcoming events that peak your interest! Or...Do you have a specific challenge you are looking to meet? We can curate specific events and networks to discuss these challenges with peers and/or vet new vendors in a singular setting.

The Organization

Networking in the virtual environment is difficult. We curate audiences based specifically to your goals (business development, advisory, brand development, etc.) in a format that best reaches your goals (intimate roundtables, large scale events, podcast, etc.).


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