About MWhite Brands

Taking on the same no-nonsense approach that we take with our customers, MWHITE BRANDS was formed by Marisa White as an avenue to begin to consult for leaders in her network.

Personally experiencing the economic impact of COVID-19 while at a conference company, White grew to realize the struggles are only amplified to those looking to continue to network to learn and create meaningful business development. Thus, the journey began.


How we got started

Hello Friends! 

MWhite Brands was started while I was working in the conference industry running events around Design, Innovation, and CX, including one of the largest Design Thinking working with CDO’s from the likes of Pepsi, USAA, IDEO, 7-Eleven, LUMA, and more. The year 2020 changed everything with Covid19 shutdown.

While shifting business strategies, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our virtual events. I realized that I was having speakers who normally did not have the availability actively participating in our virtual events. I had attendees in the room who had never previously been able to attend from various challenges including sponsorship, location, physical/mental barriers, and more reasons I couldn’t begin to imagine.

I realized virtual events could offer a world of accessible networking that deserved more focus than the ‘band-aid’ approach conference companies were applying until our return to normal.
MWhite Brands was formed to create a space for intentional virtual experiences that brought together peers, solution providers, and networking in a format that promoted deep discussion, problem-solving, and lasting connections. 

I look forward to meeting you at one of our forums.



What do we have to offer

Research Leadership Forum

UX Research is both the most appreciated, yet underappreciated practice in the space. While there is an innate understanding of the need to understand the customer....

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CX Leadership Forum

Customer Experience Expecation have drasticly changed over the last few years. Digital is necessary and organizations have more momentum than ever to innovate...

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The value of events to your business is far more impactful when working in partnership to achieve your goals. We do not work with partners who only hope to gather names ...

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Frequently asked questions

How do I attend a virtual forum?

Brands in the Research & CX Space can speak to Marisa White directly to see if they are a fit for attendance. You will need to schedule a 30 minute intro call just for us to get to know you and guide you to the right forum. You can look at our schedule of forums to inquire directly on a specific topic or set up a call directly at calendly.com/mwhitebrands. If you are a solution provider in the space please inquire about partnerships.

What can I expect from the virtual forum?

The Virtual Forums are a small group of 10-15 attendees gathering together on a specific topic. It will be two 90 minute sessions back to back. Each session kicks off Day 1 with a 30 minute Ice-Breaking experience to get to know each other and then dives straight into discussion. The events are hyper-interactive and discussion-based - there is no one speaker or leader. The forums are also CLOSED meaning we do not share any recordings or participation.

Why are the forums free to attend?

MWhite Brands works hand in hand with our partners in order to provide a free experience for the participants! Our partners work with topic curation and sponsoring the fun icebreaking experiences & gifts. However, we DO NOT have sales people in the discussion, typically our partner attendees are C-Suite or Senior Executives in the same field as the forum area.

What do I need to prepare?

You do not need to prepare anything! The week of the forum we will send a final Attendee Dossier which will include the full list of attendees and some starting topics to kick off the discussion.

I’d like to attend future events, what do I do?

You can subscribe below to the newsletter to be kept in the loop of upcoming events. You can also reach out directly to Marisa@mwhitebrands on specific topics to be kept first in line for when registration opens up.

I have more questions! Who do I contact?

Contact Marisa White at marisa@mwhitebrands.com or text/ call her directly at +1 630-659-7033.


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