February Research Leadership Forum

Get ready for the February Iteration of our two-part Research Leadership Forum brought to you by WEVO. The forum will take place at:

February 20th & 21st, 2024
011:30 AM (CST)
About the forum

What can you expect

We will be kicking off this event with a Coffee Tasting Experience. The next topic is around the “research reckoning” - how are we preparing our teams in this economic environment, prioritizing sticky strategic work, tying profit to great UX, and more.

In Partnership with

A special thanks to the individuals who made
this event possible:

WEVO is a UX research platform that uncovers insights with significantly less effort than typical tools. Research, product and marketing teams get synthesized quantitative and qualitative insights, scores and benchmarks with less than 30 minutes of effort. WEVO’s statistically significant feedback de-risks their decision-making, delivering the confidence to build valuable customer experiences.


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